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Our Certified Arborists Provide Tree Removal, Stump Grinding & Tree Care Service for The West Frankfort, Illinois Area

Dresel Tree Service is the company to trust for affordable, safe, and professional tree care service in West Frankfort, IL! At Dresel we have state-of-the-art equipment, experience, and skills to handle tree removal, trimming & pruning. We also offer stump grinding & stump removal services. We are a family owned business that has been providing quality tree service for our community for over 10 years. Our team of certified arborists pride themselves on fast response times and affordable service. Whether you need us to remove a hazardous tree, trim dead limbs, or stump removal, contact Dresel Tree Service for top-rated tree care in the West Frankfort, Illinois area!

Professional & Safe Tree Removal in West Frankfort, Illinois

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Trees are a part of our everyday life and healthy and pristine trees add great value to your property. However, there are instances when tree removal is needed. Dresel Tree Service can help inspect your trees and determine if they are decaying, diseased, or potentially hazardous. We provide professional and safe tree removal for the West Frankfort, Illinois area. Tree removal isn’t as easy as cutting a tree down and letting it fall. By contacting us at Dresel Tree Service we can quickly remove any unwanted trees or stumps from your property. We have over 10 years of experience and have the best rates in the area!

Dresel Tree Service has the equipment, experience, and skills to safely remove any tree that poses a threat to your property. If we do our job correctly, you won’t even know we were there. Additionally, if you have debris scattered throughout your land, we also offer debris removal.  

Tree Care Services in West Frankfort, Illinois

For over 10 years, Dresel Tree Service has been the number one choice for tree care services in West Frankfort, Illinois. Our licensed and insured business provides dead wooding, tree trimming, tree pruning, and roof & power line clearing for commercial and residential property. Schedule an appointment with our certified arborists for:

Dead Wooding:

Dead wooding is important because it is the process of removing all dead wood from the tree. The reason it is important is because if there are branches on a tree that are dead, decaying, or have a disease, it can spread to the entire tree trunk which can result in the entire tree dying.

Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning:

We have ISA-certified arborists that can enhance the beauty and structure of your landscape with our tree trimming and tree pruning service. Not only does this service provide a healthy and visually appealing tree, it also helps with their structural integrity, allowing them to grow as we intend them to.

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Roof & Power Line Clearing:

In addition to tree care service for the health and appearance of your landscape, if you have trees that are growing too close to power lines of your roof, it poses a great risk of severe damage. Tree branches have been known to smash windows, gutters, destroy shingles, and even damage rooftops. We can help prevent this by trimming trees that pose a threat to your rooftops or power lines.

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal in West Frankfort, Illinois

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Unfortunately, cutting down a tree and removing it isn’t the last step of ridding yourself from the tree’s existence. You’ll be left with an unappealing stump that poses a hazardous and inconvenience. When this happens, you are left with two choices: stump grinding or stump removal. Both have the same goal; remove all signs of the tree that was once there, they just have a different process.

Stump removal is more common with lot clearing because it required heavy equipment and there is the possibility that the trees roots are spread across your yard. Therefore, stump removal could result in churning through most of the soil on your landscape. Stump grinding on the other hand is a much more manageable service that doesn’t remove all tree roots. Don’t worry, after we grind the stump down, tree roots won’t re-sprout. Contact Dresel Tree Service for stump grinding and stump removal in West Frankfort, Illinois.

Why Dresel Tree Service

Trust Dresel Tree Service with keeping your trees healthy and in pristine condition. With our tree care service that we offer for the West Frankfort, Illinois area, you can guarantee that your trees will strong, healthy, and pose no threat to your property. You can entrust your tree care needs with Dresel Tree Service. We are a licensed, bonded and insured company that prides itself on offering prompt, quality service at an affordable price. Call our arborists today to learn about our tree care service in West Frankfort, Illinois and see how we can help your landscape.

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